As an academic exercise, I completed a content strategy report for a website redesign. The project is based on New Glasgow’s actual request for proposal (RFP). I did this to gain practical experience. It was an opportunity to piece together everything one expects to find in a content strategy. The report is written (hypothetically) for New Glasgow’s town committee.

A Little Background

New Glasgow is a picturesque small riverside town in northern Nova Scotia, Canada. It was founded by Scottish Settlers in 1784 and named after the city of Glasgow in Scotland. The town’s website is a little outdated and in need of a makeover. So, the town put out an RFP.

New Glasgow wants its new site to provide an accessible, functional, and consistent user experience. It also wants the site to capitalize on the town’s Flourish branding. The website caters to residents, tourists, businesses, and entrepreneurs. The town has three primary goals for its website:

  1. Provide residents with the information and services they need
  2. Promote tourism and commercial development
  3. Increase community engagement

My report proposes a high-level strategic roadmap that, if followed, can help the town achieve its goals. It includes research, recommends a new site structure and page layouts, provides metrics for evaluating the website, and offers tools to keep the site’s content on message.  Check out the report.